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What are the wonders of the world that you did not know existed?

This is my list:

Vi§ales Valley in Cuba

Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval in France

Chapelle St-Michel d'Aiguilhe in France

Ruins of Leptis Magna in Libya

The Archeological Site of Meroâ in  Sudan

Cuicul (DjÇmila) in Algeria

Lauca World Biosphere Reserve

Maelifell in Iceland

Transfiguration Church in Kizhi, Russia

Portmeirion in Wales

Standing Stone of Callanish

Anjar in Lebanon

Baalbek in Lebanon

Schwerin Palace in Schwerin, Germany

Gorges de l'Ardäche

Mogao Caves in China

Wulingyuan in China

Potala Palace in Tibet

Dobsina Ice Cave in Slovakia

Lake Ohrid in Albania and Macedonia

Ordesa Canyon in Spain

Prambanan in Indonesia

Ayutthaya in Thailand


Pamukkale in Turkey

Cathedral Gorge in Australia

Kangaroo Island in Australia

Palau Archipelago in Micronesia

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Red Seabeach in Panjin, China

Meteora in Greece

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Fernando de Noronha in Brazil

Forest of Knives in Madagascar

Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Sigiriya in
 Sri Lanka

Tower of Hercules in Spain

The Amber Room, Catherine Palace in Russia

Wonder of the World