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What is it like to see professional big wave surfers surfing?

I was in Puerto Escondido on a surf trip and when the waves got big a lot of the big wave surfers arrived, i did not know many of them, but i spoke to Nic Lamb.  Firstly he was so friendly and talked about his love of big wave surfing.  He spoke about how he has to travel a lot to get the big waves.  I asked him about his preperation for big waves and he said he works a lot on his body to make sure it is in good condition and uses a personal trainer.  He also has his boards made specifically for him and the conditions.

In terms of his surfing, it was so big and so scary i do not know how he even got out back to get himself into position to surf.  Here is the video form the day, you can see it is serious.  When he finished he jsut got out the water like it has been a normal day at the office.  An amazing thing to see.