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Where do you recommend staying and surfing for a surf holiday in Tenerife?

When i went to Tenerife surfing for a week i was based in Costa Adeje which is just west of Las Americas.  Most days i drove 20 minutes to Las Americas where i headed near the hospital and there is a car park on the front.  There are 4 surf spots all basically next to each other.  Depending on the tide i jsut chose the spot that looked best.  I ended up surfing El Conquistador quite a bit.

That spot seems to work ok on low and medium tides.  Along the front towards what they call Spanish Left there is a surf school and it has the surf forecast for the week.

In terms of the surfing itself the only problem is the rocks when you get in and out, they are sharp and i would say aorund 30% of people wear shoes.

I did drive around during my week looking for other spots and waves, but basiclaly ended up surfing around El Conquistador.

In terms of food and accommodation, this is Tenerife so there is so much to choose from.

Las Americas is the place to stay if you're not looking at driving around.