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Why is surfing good for you?

Without mincing words, surfing is good for you in so many ways including:

1.  I
t helps you lose weight

If you have been looking for ways to lose weight, surfing might just be the activity that will help you achieve that perfect body. When you surf, you will take part in strength training, physical activities, and cardiovascular exercises that are bound to make you shed unhealthy fats.

2.   It serves as an exceptional cardio workout

For a great body and a healthy heart, it is recommended that each individual take part in aerobic activities for over two hours each week. This may look difficult to achieve with a regular cardio workout, but surfing makes it easy. Surfing is an engaging, fun-filled cardio workout that you can do for some hours without getting bored.

3.    It engages most muscle groups

When you are surfing, you are engaging most of your muscle groups such as the triceps, biceps, obliques, delts, traps, pecs, and stomach muscles. As a result surfing serves as the complete sport that helps you exercise all your major muscles. So if you want to exercise all major muscle groups, it is time you went surfing.

4.   It improves your mental health

When surfing there is a release of endorphins which is a hormone that regulates mood and emotions. Therefore, surfing allows you to have better control over your thoughts and other factors related to your mental health.

5.   It relieves stress

In this modern world, the majority of us are caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle as we strive to make ends meet. However, this affects us as we are stressed a lot and unable to perform at our best. You can take care of this problem by taking time out to go surfing so that you can release your stress and get rejuvenated.

6.   It increases your smartness

When you go surfing, there is a rush of adrenaline because you are more alert and frightened. This will lead to the release of more cortisol, which, in turn causes the old neurons in the brain to be eliminated and replaced with new ones. As a consequence, your memory and learning ability is increased; thus in theory you become smarter.

7.   It improves your knowledge

If you are the kind of surfer that goes surfing in different destinations such as Indonesia, the UK, the US, Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa, you will get to improve your knowledge of different environments, cultures, people and so on. As you are improving your knowledge, it may also serve as an avenue to enhance your social skills as you meet other surfers from different places around the world.

Now you know how good surfing is for you,  go out there and have some fun.